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What is WUMA ?

Club founder Richard Hopkins is also the Founder of "WUMA" The World United Martial Arts Federation. WUMA is the largest Martial Arts Group in the UK with 26,000 students within 928 schools and has 65 member countries. Please feel free to browse our WUMA information as well as our local Cheltenham club information below.

Cheltenham Club Information

Mr. Richard "DD" Hopkins opened the Cheltenham Club on April 22nd 1983 at the Sixways Hall, 278 London Road Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. (closed March 2006) 76 new students enrolled the very first night, to this day the College has always been full of keen students wanting to learn from Richard. The Sixways club closed in March 2006. We moved into 9 Shaftesbury Park, The Runnings, Kingsditch Estate on October 30th 2006 and then closed October 2009. We now teach in Sports Centres and local Schools and the student total at present is in excess of 200. The Club is currently believed to be the most successful Martial Arts group in the UK within competition, boasting many Area, English, British, European and World Champions within Semi & Full-Contact, Forms & Grappling. Competing is an optional extra to the regular self-defence syllabus at the club. The club operates a Beat the Bully syllabus supplying Instructors to local schools & Colleges. We pride ourselve in that we teach the younger student a controlled conflict management system where they can learn how to control situations in life without using their fists. Many student change their way of thinking within 6 months and become a lot more confident in facing the way of life in today's society. We teach the higher graded student's to help and guide the younger and lower graded student's, this help's with team building new relationships and gives them a sence of accomplishment and self satisfaction, this has made our school a very friendly place to be, some student's have been at the school for over 20 years which is a feat in itself. On joining our school if you move house WUMA has a school in almost every town in the UK for you to carry on your training. To enrol in some FREE lesson's please feel free to contact us. Telephone us in office hours on the above number or email for a list of places in Cheltenham that we train


As well as awarding the students with their Martial Arts Belt we also award:-

A Merit Award System if they do well at school.

A Merit Badge award system for when they do something special in training like achieve the split's.

A Sticker Chart, the kids keep then at the school and when they fill it by behaving in class they get special prizes

A Student of the Month award.

Master Richard "DD" Hopkins