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Hop Kuin Do

Hop-Kuin-Do was created by Master Richard "Deadly Dicker" Hopkins. After more than 30 years of door work, body guarding and martial arts acquiring the grades of: 7th Degree Shaolin Lau-Gar Kung Fu, 7th Degree Hop Kickboxing and 4th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate, Richard has taken the most effective parts of Freestyle Kickboxing, Karate, Kung-Fu and many other martial arts, creating what is quite possibly one of the most effective forms of street defence and control & restraint to date.

Most of the moves used in Hop-Kuin-Do have been plucked from Richard's own personal experiences in the street. All of the moves in Hop-Kuin-Do have therefore been polished down to their bare minimum to make them as useful as possible, nothing is done in Hop-Kuin-Do that would prove impractical in a street situation however the students are also taught Richard's own type of Conflict Management learning how to control situations by thinking first rather that turn aggressive. Many student's benefit from this within 6 months of training at the college..

Hop Kuin Do Hop Kuin Do

Hop Kuin Do is the result of a logical lifelong study of how to adapt Kung Fu and Karate for practical use on the streets of today’s society.

As an example, take a look at the differences of executing a good reverse punch: the old system was static with no guard at all, Hop Kuin Do has the head & ribs covered with the back foot in a sprinting position thus creating extra speed, body movement and power. This improved technique is one of many in the new 21st century system of Hop Kuin Do.

"The difference makes sense"

Hop-Kuin-Do is also an extremely effective martial art to learn for competing in competitions. Richard's HQ club alone has produced many champions (see Champions section in the Photo Gallery.)

Hop-Kuin-Do is also a very versatile and easily adaptable martial art with many strengths and benefits. For men it offers the obvious physical abilities and mind control, however (unlike some martial arts) it doesn't stop there. For children it offers a high degree of mental discipline and teaches them to keep their concentration, as well as teaching them to look after themselves and avoid bullying. For women it offers them an excellent way to get into shape and stay looking good, it is also not dependant on strength, meaning a woman practicing Hop-Kuin-Do is quite capable of over powering a man using technique, rather than brute strength.

Hop Kuin Do is also very good for those who are interested mainly in fitness. Not only can a valid and useful martial art be learned, but the student can improve their fitness immensely.

Hop Kuin Do Belt / Ranking System

Belt colour:

White ~ Yellow ~ Orange ~ Green ~ Blue ~ Purple ~ Brown ~ Black Belt 1st Dan.

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