What the WUMA offers you

About the WUMA Federation

WUMA was formed in 1989 by Master Richard "Deadly Dicker" Hopkins and associates. Through the years the Federation has grown into something to be proud of. In 1998 Master Hopkins received an Hall of Fame award from the WHFSC (World Head of Family Sokeship Council) This council is made up of 200 Masters from all over the world, they now back the WUMA with such things as gradings, Hall of Fame, European & World Titles etc.

The WUMA are looking for people to run more events and seminars in their area. If you wish to do this you will receive full support from the Federation. Most new members we get come from word of mouth, an Instructor joins up and then passes the word onto his associates. We are quite proud of this fact as it proves to us that we must be treating everyone right. We are un-political, we don't mind if a WUMA member is also a member of other groups, or competes in other groups events, in fact we push this to happen as the more experience one gets the better, especially within the arts. UK members will have the chance of entering the British Open Series of events. These are regular events held throughout the year in England, Scotland & Wales with the winners in each category at the end of the year fighting off for the Overall British Title "The way it should be done". These competitors also get the chance to compete in the WUMA European and World Championships held throughout the world every 2 years.

Who would benefit by joining?

All are welcome no matter what style of Martial Arts. Some join for: Insurance, Tournaments, Courses, Hall of Fame, Senior Dan Grading Awards or just to be under an umbrella, we have a very special deal for associations also. Each club and association may keep their name & of course their independence while in the WUMA

A very special deal for your School or Association

  • New LOW COST Licence deal.
  • Your logo & all paperwork made up
  • A cheap world grading registration network.
  • Regular information and news on our website..
  • Monthly world-wide tournaments and events
  • Trips abroad for everyone to compete in many countries
  • World-wide Freestyle training seminars
  • Regular squad training in your area.
  • NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Diploma Courses.
  • IBU: Chance of Entry into the IBU (International Bodyguard Union)
  • SIA Badge training facility for Door Supervisors and Static Security
  • Entry into (World head of Family Sokeship Council)
  • Help for Brown & Blackbelts opening a club.
  • 10 FREE Licences for all new member Instructors.
  • Backup service to WUMA schools world-wide.
  • No club interference, just help when it's needed.
  • Profit sharing system for Instructors sending students on courses.
  • Association super discount pricelist of Deadly Equipment
  • Our very own printing & embroidery service.
  • Free sanctioned titles and events for promoters acquiring our discounted trophies and title belts.
  • An understandable WUMA Constitution of 1989
  • Link to our website, we have an average of over 1,000 hits per week.

WUMA Grading registrations are recognised in over 60 countries. Grading registration costs are very low and include a gold embossed certificate the colour of each belt or sash to match your personal syllabus, these will include your school name and a place for the grading Instructor to sign. These certificates may act as proof of grade if you move to another WUMA school


Master Richard "DD" Hopkins