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Christmas Party at HQ

we had a great christmas party at HQ, see you all next year.

The WUMA World Championships in Greece went fantastic.

The WUMA GB Squad

The WUMA GB Squad

The 140 GB Team did us proud in behaving well and winning lot’s.
On the way home the plane was full of winners lol!
Full report will be online soon!

Any members of the squad please forward your pictures and cam recordings for us to add to ours, we will return you a free DVD of everything we get in.

The Worlds are so close I can taste it lol!

In one week a squad of 140 take off for Argos, Greece.

The kit has now been given out and what some smart kit it is to that’s to a great design from my wife.  Simone has worked her socks off in order to get it all ready in time. Over 20 people ordered the wrong sizes then expect us to magic wand a new size for them??? Nothing changes people are still as stupid as ever.

If the holiday is half as good as Malta then we have achieved what I aimed for.

Wow! Have I had a good day

Wow!  Have I had a good day, my son Ricky got through from 300 people down to 20 in Gloucestershire’s got Talent.

Today he then was judged by Nemesis off Britain’s got Talent and he got a credible 3rd Place.  We then took Nemesis back to the train station and had a good chat to them.  Ricky Lee has loved
the whole day so thankyou everybody involved.

A sad day for Martial Arts

John is top right, 2nd person in

John is top right, 2nd person in

It is a sad day for Martial Arts, John Lock has died in a Tragic Motorbike Accident. In 1994 John was a WUMA Team member when we won the Clash of the Titans event.
John was a great fighter and his personality shone through.He fought for Dorking Freestyle for years before moving up north. John leaves 2 children of 8yrs and 6yrs.

I will be going to the funeral as long as it is OK with the family so if anyone who knew John wants to team up with me then you are welcome.  “Rest in Peace John”

The Olympics

Oh my god and we thought we had bad referees in our sport.

The Boxing, Lets face it, it isn’t no different to our semi-contact points scoring is it.  Wow was there some weird decisions or what?

The Taekwondo, Well that refereeing takes the biscuit, Sarah Stevenson might as well not bothered to kick, these referees only have to follow two feet with their eyes as the hands do nothing.
The cameras show all uh!

London 2012, Our national sport is football and we haven’t even got a team. That say’s it all doesn’t it lol!

Thanks to Heath Gait of Falcons Martial Arts

Thanks to Heath Gait of Falcons Martial Arts south Wales for bringing his team down to HQ yesterday.  The Falcons went up against the WUMA HQ gang and what a great interclub.

The atmosphere was electric and a great day for all. The idea of these messages are to give each club instructor ways of earning extra income and introduce more activity for your members.

Well a lot been happening in the last couple of weeks within WUMA

The Tai Bo course went well at HQ with some new Instructors ready to rock the world with their Instruction.
Good way of earning extra cash on top of your classes guy’s.

The Samurai Open was great for the competitors but a nightmare for me as I had stuck Samurai figures onto marble to make the trophy bigger and the hot day had melted the glue. imagine my embarrassment of saying “Oh when you get home glue them together”  Nice trophies though Lol! and the tournament had 4 new clubs attending that promised to be back.

Food for thought!
Our fundraising Fun day at HQ raised £700 and finished off our fund towards a new boxing ring. All we did was Bouncy Castle, Tombola and games, BBQ, an auction and Bingo. WOW!!!
My team of parents and staff have raised £2,500 in a few months.
“Now what shall we have next”

BlackBelt Grading last weekend!

What a weekend, I have never seen such comradery from 20 people taking their Dan Grades! The participants were from every part of Great Britain and I have to say, damn! did they go through it for the infamous WUMA HQ BLACKBELT. I am proud to say 3 were sick, 2 asthma attacks yet all still re-joined the class and carried on. Wow! the martial arts isn’t like it used to be but at least we do our bit.

We now hear of Blackbelts elsewhere being given out after 6 and 12 months and an hour grading, sorry but that is out of order guy’s and not how it should be in my opinion. I believe one has to earn what they wear round their waist!

Well done everyone

The word is that this summer has been great for enrolling students, I feel at last Instructors are getting it. What I mean by that is sometimes Instructors expect new members just to walk through the door.

Work for it and it will happen

Master Richard "DD" Hopkins